perception mirage info

I am looking for info on perception mirage specs. anybody go anything i have googled it with no luck! thanks

ah the mirage…
4 meter, plastic ww boat built in the good ol’ days.

specifically, what do you wanna know?


Don’t buy one unless you are starting
a museum. Most kayaks back then were the standard 13’ 2" or 4 meters long, and 24 and a bit inches wide. The cockpits were smallish and not tilted enough.

The plastic on any surviving Mirage is quite old, and likely to be brittle. The outfitting (thigh braces, back support, foot support, etc.) is primitive. The performance of the hull falls far short of even the later “old school” kayaks like the Pirouette. And there are lots of modern boats that handle better, and are about as fast, such as the new Dagger Green Boat.

Sort of a skinny GyraMax
Of course that won’t help if you don’t know what a GyraMax is.

Hmm… did you ever see “Whitewater Rebel” with James Brolin and Kathrine Bach? The bad guys paddle black Mirages.

I guess I’m no help at all, huh?


You could post on boatertalk and get some info probably. I have a dagger response I use for downriver racing a couple of times a year.

I have a friend who races a mirage and it seems to be pretty fast. As was already stated you have to beware of the old plastic. If you are just looking for a boat to learn or paddle w/w all the time I think you would be better off to get something newer but the old school boats can be found really cheap sometimes like $200 or less.

Perception Mirage
I still have a Mirage. I have not used it in a while, but let me know if you still need some info on one.

I just bought a mirage and all it has for outfitting is the seat. I would like to know what needs to go back in. theres no bulk head no vertical support in the bow at all. nothing in the stern either. no back band. are replacements available?