Perception Pescador Pro Amazon sale. Good deal for first kayak?

Amazon’s returns department (warehouse deals) has this Perception for 30% off. Do you think this would be a good beginner kayak?


Good for a beginner who wants to do what? Your intended use and goals would be helpful. Also, your height, weight, and physical abilities are important. How would you transport it and are you able to load/unload it by yourself? There is more to consider than just paddling the boat.


For fishing and poking around it should be fine IF you answered HD questions and it still looks ok for you.
I am tall and weigh 210 and would not consider that boat.
A 10’ boat isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.


Great for floating in flat water that stays flat all the time like a pond. Lawn chair is for your backyard. They make the center of gravity high and a kayak tippy

Depending on where you live, $600 can buy you a lot of used kayak. Personally I’d much rather be able to see and handle the kayak, to sit in it, and preferably to paddle it, before taking it home. Also an advantage to buying used is that if you decide it’s not the right kayak for you, you’ll usually be able to re-sell without losing much (if any) money. And you might meet fellow paddlers who can give you valuable advice, a paddle or a PFD is often thrown in, and you get to test out your transport system bringing it home.

If you decide to go used, you can post ads you see on here and get advice.

And yes, saying what you’d like to do with the kayak, where you intend to paddle, and your size will all help us to steer you in the best direction.

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