Perception Pescadore 12 vs. Destiny

These two SOT kayaks are available locally.

Any thoughts on the two or kayaks close to the performance to these two?


Go with the Pescador!

any reasons
other than “rnsparky said so?” :wink:

Pescadore Owner
I have a Pescadore 12. It’s made by Confluence (sp?) and is essentially the same mold as the Wilderness Tarpon 120 from 2008(ish).

It’s a nice stable boat. It tracks well, has a ton of options for accessories. It’s been very solid in all kinds of water. My wife has the 2012 Tarpon 120, and its nice, but I like my Pescadore. It also hauls well. I’m a little over 250, and Ive had my 50lb dog in it with me…

Tx for the info. I’m leaning toward the Pescadore or Tarpon 120 depending on what I can find locally or order on line.

This has been a lot of help.


I found a Perception Destiny close by at a reasonalbe cost and went with that. I liked the wider stance of the boat and the ability to add a rudder.

If my wife likes this boat, our next move with be a SOT for her…perhaps a Pescadore.

tx again.