Perception Pirouette help needed

I am trying to decide the best kayak for my needs. I want a boat for going down river. There are some class 1 and 2 rapids but long stretches of slower water. Also want to use it in a small lake. I am small 5’ 4" and 125lbs. I don’t want a play boat. I want an old school boat. I am a beginner and want to learn to roll. Can you give me some help deciding between a Perception Dancer, a Perception Pirouette, a Pirouette S, a Dagger Blast or a Dagger Crossfire. Thanks!

I had a Dancer and a Crossfire

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These were dated before the Dagger/Perception merger. The plastic on the Crossfire was solid and bombproof. The Dancer was really old and the plastic was pretty soft. They both handled well. I liked the Crossfire more.

for your size the s will do fine. i had 1 an regret selling it know. the dancer is a very long boat with a small cockpit. demo demo if you can

Pirouette S
I still have one & probably will never sell it. Great all-around boat, and super easy to roll. I use it in ww, pool sessions, and to learn new rolls in.


What about the Blast?
Thanks for the info! Please keep it coming. I’d like to hear as much about these boats as I can since I think all have been discontinued. That makes it pretty hard to demo them. Can anyone tell me about the Perception Blast?

Thanks again!