Perception Prism....ideal for fishing...

…email me for information (condition, extras, price, etc) and pictures…but ONLY if SERIOUSLY interested.

The boat is located in central NJ. I will NOT [repeat - NOT] ship it so for those outside of a reasonable pick-up (buyer) or delivery area (seller willing to deliver it within 50 miles of Jackson for gas & time), don’t bother.

The Prism sit-on-top kayak is one of the nicest sit-on-tops. It’s maneuverability is super-easy. And with the open-cockpit / sit-on-top design you can get in and out on the water!!! Even though this kayak may be considered small (14’ long, 27" wide, 51 pounds), it has one of the biggest storage spaces offered, with a hatch in the front and back. So if you want to bring along spare clothes or something to eat, they will stay almost perfectly dry in the water tight compartments.

And as far as frills are concerned: with adjustable foot pegs and a cupholder, you’ll be floating down the creek in style.

You’d get a better response if you
advertised in the Classified Ads.

And you wouldn’t waste our time
who aren’t interested in buying your crap.

BRENT!!! This cheap ass is trying to get out of paying you for a free classified!!!


Actually, for the simple listing, one
boat is free. Still, its the wrong place to advertise the kraft. I’ve no objection to a short mention of a boat for sell in the classified section, but to try to sell it on this particular board is pretty limiting. There are often days in a row without posts. Now, if you tried on the Advice board, you’d get a few responses ;-).

Can’t wait to see those responses. What’s that section called again, the “nice board”?

You’ll find that anything less than 18’long, wider than 20", made from anything less than fibreglass is a toy & you are just a pond paddler!

Most over there have no idea what
a rod and reel is, attitudes about fishermen are pretty negative.

BTW, Cockney, what are doing slumming over here in redneckville? :wink:

Cockney sometimes contributes here.
He’s a pretty good Joe overall.

Oh yeah, definitely . . . .
Mostly rassing him, but I didn’t know he’d have any interest in fishing. Kind of hard to see the line when you’re a chin-upping Brit. lol

j/k Cockney. I’m sure not ALL Brits have their chins higher than their hairlines. :wink: