Perception Prodigy 12

I’m thinking of purchasing a 12’ Prodigy. In the product review section, only a 10’ Prodigy is listed. I’ll be using it mostly for fishing and exploring small rivers and creeks. I would like to know if anyone has one of these or has any experience with one. I can’t test paddle one as there aren’t any locally. Thanks in advance!

It should work. Nothing special about
it, but looks like a decent recreational kayak. You many want to look at the Dagger Blackwater, Wilderness Systems Pungo, WS Pamlico, Hurricane Santee, Heritage Featherlitge, Old Town Dirigo, as well as others. They all come in similar lengths, all are good for the purposes you cite.

I’ve looked at all except Hurricane
I’ve looked at all the boats you mentioned except the Hurricane.(No dealers around here.) They all looked good, but I liked the Prodigy best. I have a Heritage Featherlite 9.5 and a Perception America 11. I wanted something similar to the America but with a rear bulkhead and a better seat. The Prodigy looks the closest, I just wanted to see if anyone had any problems with it. Thanks for your reply!

In the end, its what suits you.
Perception has a poor dealer network in my area. REI is about the only dealer except if you want Perception’s SOT. Looking at the Carolina 12, it looks like a pretty good fishing kayak too. Of course, that may be blasphemy to some here.

Lots of Carolinas around here
But could only find one Prodigy. It was yellow, and I want green. The Carolina 12 does look good, but only has a 39" cockpit and I need something bigger for fishing. I see in your profile that you are going to get a Wenonah Vagabond. After I get completely out of motor boat fishing(Sold my jon boat and now my bay boat is for sale) I hope to get a Vagabond. I’ve fished all my life, but when I started fishing from a yak I started enjoying it much more!

I fish a lot from the Vagabond’s
little sister, a Sandpiper, no longer made. In colder months, I move to my Old Town Loon. Both the kayak and canoe are great fishing boats, but the canoe is 17 lbs lighter and has more room for my cooler and gear. The Vagabond offers more room and a bit better glide. Also, its better for some of my overnighters. Right now, I’m looking at building a row boat. For fishing, paddle boats have been great. I hate the smell of gasoline and the hassle of motors.

Should be just fine…

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Its just your average kayak so just by looking at it it should work well for the average paddler. Its got a nice roomy cockpit, and at 12' X 26", it should be able to track nicely but still turn well and be very stable.

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