Perception Prodigy 14.5 bungee knot

Hi! I have a quick question that I thought some of you might be able to help me with. I have a Perception Prodigy 14.5, and I broke the bungee that connects the carry handle with the anchor point on the boat. I’ve tried various knots in its place and none of them have been very successful.

It appears to be a knot made from a single piece of bungee with a loop on each end. The middle is convoluted enough that I cannot make out how it’s all wrapped together. Any help…even just the name of the knot would be appreciated.



Sounds like you are describing
A double Fisherman’s Bend aka Grapevine Bend.

I use the same knot.

As a plus, using that knot allows you to adjust the tension on the bungee as well.