Perception Quest

Last year I bought a used Perception Quest that my son used to paddle in flat water and protected areas. I know that it is an older model, probably from the late 70’s or early 80’s. It’s about 13 ft long and 23 in. wide. It is in very good condition for it’s age. I beleive that is was originally made for white water. It will turn on a dime, but is fairly stable with a light weight person in it. What can anyone tell me about these boats? I’m probably going to sell it, as my son has moved on to a larger touring boat, but I’d just like to hear more about it.

I can not tell you much about it other then I started in one many years ago. I lost the one I had in a house fire several years ago. It made a good loaner boat for friends that wanted to try kayaking. Wish it was closer, I would be interested in it.

My neighbor picked one up…
last Nov. has plastic thigh braces and a low fore deck it’s his first boat. The only complaint is he keeps raking his knuckles on the poorly placed bungie eyelets “yeaow”. picked it up cheap, its purple and weathercocks nicely. it’s made for a smaller paddler. we just got off the bay with it.