Perception Quest?

I’ve recently purchased a Perception Quest at a boat swap. I’m a sea kayaker looking to start spending some time on rivers mostly to improve my surf/sea skills, and to get more time on the water, since I’m closer to some decent rivers than to the sea! I picked up the Quest because it was cheap, and looked like a decent boat to just bang around a bit while i’m getting to know what rivers are like. Although I’ve already made the purchase, I’d still be interested in hearing folks’ opinions and advice about the boat. And in particular, any advice on outfitting - there is no backband, no obvious place to attach a backband, and the pillars are narrow hard plastic, not foam - I’m not sure I could get foam to stay attached to them either. Any input will be appreciated!

Can you attach a backband to
the underside of the deck, just outside of the cockpit? I’ve done that on several kayaks. Of course it depends on whether the backband would bear too high up on your back.

backband suggestion
Hi, thanks for offering that suggestion. So do you mean just bolt it through the hull?

Yes, with stainless hardware. Use
appropriate washers and try for screws less likely to bark your knuckles.

It is possible you will find the Quest
hard to outfit and discouraging to paddle. If you find yourself saying, “How was this boat supposed to do anything right?”, get back to us and we’ll point at some recent river runners you can get used for less than $500---- often much less.

So, I ended up
running backband straps through slots i cut in the giant hard plastic seat; then i used stainless bolts with big washers to re-attach the seat. Moved the footpegs back, now ready to rumble! Thanks very much for your good advice, i’ll definitely try not to get discouraged. If I decide i like rivers at all, i’ll surely invest in a better boat - this is more of a silly project/experiment.

Good work. Improvisation gets easier
and easier.

Perception Quest?
Hi, I’m just selling one, have you seen this?