Perception Search 15' vs OK Prowler 15'

Looking for another SOT and would like anyone to chime in who has paddled the Perception Search 15’ with regards to speed and handling.I have experience with the Prowler 15 and it’s a great kayak. Your input is much appreciated.

Answered my own question…
by paddling the Search and was not impressed: much prefer the flatter deck style of the Prowler (less clutter with the molded feet positions), speed was pretty equal (both good), turning the Search was a much bigger chore compared to the Prowler, both are stable but give a slight nod to the Prowler for secondary stability, the seat on the Search was not comfortable at all…that flip back gave me weak support. The Search is almost 20 lbs heavier than the Prowler 15 and a bear to lift to cartop…I can’t imagine a smaller person getting this up without help. Looking for another P15 at this point.

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I paddled a used Search. An outfitter was selling their fleet at year end and it was a good price. I didn’t much care for it. There was little initial stability, so I felt as if I was constantly correcting, but when I went to turn I didn’t feel as if I was getting much secondary stability to be able to lay it over and get a decent turn out of it.

Just my opinion. Bear in mind that I am inexperienced with long boats and any weight given to my opinion should consider that lack of expertise.

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Lighter choices
Huricane Phoenix 160 and Kaskazi Dorado. The Dorado is expensive but one of the best ocean fishing boats out there.