Perception Shadow 15.5 kevlar rudder system

Does any one have a kevlar Shadow 16.5 or the specs? I recently bought one because I am a small paddler 130 and 5’5 and the boat fits me with one except, I have big feet, size 9. I tried the boat bare foot and no problem, with shoes there isn’t enough room. I think the previous owner replaced the rudder with a toe operated and there is just not room to operate it correctly with shoes and bare foot I have to lift my heels to get leverage to push with my toes and it is tiring doing this motion. Question, was the original rudder a slide system or do I just not know how to position correctly to use a toe control? It seems as if they are mounted too high, regardless my toes hit the deck and heels overlap in this boat if I wear shoes!

On Smart Track and Sealect Designs toe controls, there’s an adjustment for the cable that controls how “vertical” the toe pedal is at rest. It’s a metal or plastic thumb screw at the back or front of the fixed rail by your feet (the end of the cable sticks through it with a stopper so the cable doesn’t fall through). Maybe if you adjust that to move the toe control (not the whole pedal) back, it will make it easier to reach. Here’s an example:

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