Perception Shadow Sea Lion for $100

Any experience with this model? So cheap and local and legit, just soft market for this. I’m 180 lb with 30" inseam as for size. Big feet - 13s.

My current favorite is the CD Squamish I got recently.

wow $100 is a steal. But having size 13s may be a problem. I got mine from my Dentist and good friend Jim. He’s 6 feet and has size 10 feet, but also a 34 inch in seam, and the kayak was a “press fit” for him, So I found him a Necky Looksha 4 which fits him much better and I traded him.
I have short legs with a 28" inseam and size 9s but my thighs are thicker then Jim’s are by about 3" in circumferences. So smaller feet and shorter legs let me in and out of the Shadow easily. The shadow is a ruddered kayak and I installed a set of gas-peddle type controllers. But the lower deck causes those controllers to jam against the hull even with the off-set mounting kit if they are put towards the front of the track. The reason I point that out is to show that the lower deck may not give you enough room for your larger feet and at a 30" inseam you may or may not be comfortable in it.
If it was me, I’d pay the $100 and try it. At that low a price you can surly get your money out of it as long as it’s not in need of any major repairs.

As far as how it handles?
I really like mine.

Oh…one more thing:
If you need new hatch gaskets for it try these folks.

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Looks like it needs some parts/work. I don’t see a seat band or seat back on the seat. The front hatch cover appears to be missing (both the hard plastic cover and the neoprene). At least one strap straps that hold down the rear hatch seem to be broken.

$100 could be a good price if you are willing to put some work/money in to it.

Oh that’s a good catch on the missing front hatch cover Peter. Such parts for older Perceptions are rare and hard to get. Try Top Kayaker in New Hampshire. If not available it’s possible to maker one using wood strips and fiberglass, but there is some time involved. I have made a few such covers for various kayaks and it’s not hard to do, but you should have a good area to work in and many folks that live in cities and especially those that live in apartments can’t find an easy place to do such jobs.
A gasket is ok for some conditions and if there is nothing heavy in the compartment it can be good enough to shed water, but in the case of a capsize with no cover and webbing to hold it down it’s likely that a gasket is not going to be good enough.

Too bad I am so far from you Coaster. If we were close I’d volunteer to hep you re-fit that kayak. I can explain how to make ane (and better) hatch cover. Looking more closely I see a few things I’d address. #1 it needs a new rudder rest. It needs a back band.
I usually re-rig deck lines and bungees on almost all the kayaks I buy so that’s kind of “a given” . Also it would be good to refit all the webbing for the hatch covers but that’s easy and cheap to do.
And check the rudder controls and cables as well as the tube clamps, swedges thimbles shackles and so on All cheap and easy to install, but often overlooked. Check the grommets where the control cables come from inside to the outside too.
Nearly all kayaks of that type will need re-sealing at bulkheads so a large tube of Lexel and a calking gun are usually needed.
So if you get it I expect you’ll end up with a additional amount in it, but even if that were to be an additional $250 added to the $100, getting that kayak sea worthy for $350 is still a very good deal.

I’m planning to take a look tomorrow. First step is to sit in it to see if i fit. I’ll wear my surf booties like I do with the Squamish. If I do fit then I’ll examine the hull and evaluate missing/broken parts. Some is obvious from pics and description, but won’t be surprised if it is understated. I don’t NEED another boat so will walk if anything flags me as a pain to repair. Fortunately I have a good home shop and can fabricate and sew.

Unless it is really messed up I’m surprised it hasn’t sold. But then we have been cold and rainy for a bit.

Take $50 cash. He just wants to get rid of it.

Dang…at $100 the owner is about giving it away ----- and you’d try to chisel him down?

No chislin ,just an offer.

Picked it up yesterday for $60. Dirty and neglected, but nearly all the bits are there. Needs a new rudder rest, rudder rope and tensioner, handle straps , repairs to hatch straps, perimeter lines and deck bungees. S/N indicates 1999 manufacture. Bulkheads look fine. Debating whether to get the IR Reggie backband or a cheap substitute, since I really just use it to stop my bum from sliding backwards. Could end up around $200 total or so plus my time.

Time will tell. Looking forward to trying it out soon.


The old perception boats were very well made and were outfitted quite well. Their newer boats seem a bit cheapened by comparison. As someone else mentioned, the TopKayaker website will be your friend as you rehab this boat. They have the best selection of new old stock for Perception kayaks.

You will like the way the Shadow performs. I have paddled a variety of Perception boats and have found them all to be top notch. Besides the Shadow, I’ve paddled the Carolina, various sizes of the Eclipse and the Avatar. I always recommend Perception and Necky as the best choices when searching for a good used boat.

Good luck!

If the backrest is indeed missing, that might be for the best. I have a composite Shadow, and I found the original backrest very uncomfortable. I installed this back band and it’s now the most comfortable seat of any kayak I’ve had:

CLC Back Band

Parts on order. I’ve never paddled with a rudder. I have two skeg kayaks and one with nothing. I typically edge to turn. I’m a little concerned about “losing” my footpegs to push while doing forward stroke. I’m aware of kits to convert the pegs to tilting controls to alleviate this, but have never seen these in person. If I end up liking this as much as my Squamish I may pursue that.