Perception shifty kayak 11.5

Anyone have any reviews on perception swiftly kayaks in the longer size, can’t seem to find any online and I’m looking into buying one.

Any help would be appreciated!

I didn’t know there was a larger Swifty.

Perception swifty 11.5
Found one at field and stream, but can only find reviews on the 9.5. Must be a newer model?

Not a review, but some comments
on this one advertised on a local CL site:

They are rec boats
Intended for use on calm bodies of water or slow rivers. Not open bays, big lakes or places with waves.

If that is your planned use, and keeping up with a group of people in longer boats is not among your needs, they float and can be fun.

Does the above match your purpose?

Was hoping they’d be a little more versatile than that

That’s a Swiftwater 12.0, not Swifty.
Completely different hull bottom than Swifty.

Which, the 9’ or 11.5’?
The OP isn’t referring to the 9.0’ that most of us are familiar with.

Since that model does not appear on the Perception product site I am guessing it may be one of the models that they market through their Perception SPORT division, which produces mostly lower end recreational style kayaks for the Big Box stores, often with oddball names that are exclusive to the store chain.

What you are looking at may be a “house brand” labeled version of the Expression 11.5, a sit inside boat that, like the regular Swifty and all their other 11.5 foot and under boats, has only a stern bulkhead and is quite wide in proportion to width. This limits the usage to protected and moderate waters and necessitates adding an inflatable flotation bag in the bow end to protect against it sinking, nose up, if you capsize.

If you would tell us what kind of versatility you are hoping for,and perhaps get some more data on the boat you are considering (like width and features) we could give you more advice as to whether it is an appropriate boat for you. Within that price and size range, you might be better served by looking at the Perception Sport Conduit 13, which is one of the cheapest new kayaks you can buy that has both bulkheads and reasonable proportions for effective distance paddling for small to medium-sized paddlers.

Here’s a link to the Swifty Deluxe 115
at Dick’s:

Based on further info below…
It is still a rec boat. With a ginormous cockpit that should not be in messy water and limited flotation.

It’s just a longer rec boat, and maybe it tracks a little better, but it still is intended for the same environments as the old 9 ft version.

So where do you want to paddle?
It is very hard to give anyone a good answer without knowing where they are likely to be paddling. Kayaks come in various designs and sizes, and each has its purpose.

Yep, looks that way.

What I’m looking for
I’m used to kayaking on lakes and rivers (au sable) in Michigan but of course id love to be able to take it out on the Great Lakes, so I’m hoping to find one under 600$ that can perform in those conditions as well.

not for you
That kayak is definitely not appropriate for the Great Lakes. They don’t even mention if it has any bulkheads (I’m guessing stern only, if that), it is too short and far too wide to take out safely in wind and waves. I used to kayak in Lake Michigan and I remember several instances where people in short wide rec boats like this got pulled out quite a ways from shore by currents and wind and became exhausted trying to get back to the beach, eventually having to be assisted by shore patrols or the Coast Guard. And that gaping oversized cockpit will not support a sprayskirt in open water conditions. It’s designed to be a fishing kayak for ponds and shallow rivers. Minimum length I would take in the Great Lakes is 14 feet and maximum width would be 25".

Unfortunately, it looks like Dick’s has dumped the Conduit 13 and has nothing comparable in stock now. Too bad, as it was a good value.

If budget is what is restricting your selection, look for a used boat. Some outfitters have trade ins or customer used boats or demos and previous season rentals for sale at less cost. And there is Craigslist. I live in PA but have helped several relatives in Michigan locate and buy used kayaks in your state. Used boats also often come with a paddle and PFD, which are something that will run you from $150 to $200 new for reasonably decent versions.

CL listings in MI
YOu didn’t tell us your metrics (height and weight) but if you are a small to mid sized person, there is a used Alchemy for sale near Detroit that is an excellent touring kayak:

Here’s a Perception Carolina 14 for $650:

Also a Necky Looksha 12 with paddle for $725. A bit short but marginally OK for some areas of the lakes, especially for a smaller person:

Thanks for all the help
I’m 5’6, 125 lbs

I’ve been looking at craigslist for months, I’m definitely interested in going to demo days at places. I’ve been spoiled using someone else’s pungo 120, unfortunately can’t afford a kayak like that.

read this
Read this report on the recent kayak drowning in Lake Michigan for points as to why the boat you are looking at is not appropriate.

These kinds of conditions occur in the Great Lakes year round. They are inland seas, not really “lakes” and, other than tides, they have the same coastal and open water hazards as any ocean such as sudden storms, strong currents and heavy surf. Two of my family members were drowned in a sudden windstorm off Pentwater beach 24 years ago, just SWIMMING. These are serious waters.

A Pungo 120 is also not a competent Great Lakes boat. It too is a recreational kayak, with a large cockpit and lacking dual bulkheads.

good deal on a Hurricane near Chicago
If you are willing to make a day trip to a dealer just west of Chicago, they are selling a Hurricane Expedition 128 for less than half price due to what looks like superficial damage to the underlip of the coaming. For $599 that is a really nice boat and one that would suit your size and has the features for some coastal paddling. At 47 lbs it is reasonably light as well.

You can read the reviews on here of the Expedition 128:

On Lake Michigan or Huron?
The heftiest choice of good outfitters, that can get you going right and safely, are on Lake Michigan from my cursory search. If you are local to Ausable that puts you on the wrong side of the state, but it is worth making a weekend of it to learn the basics of paddling safely. It appears you will be paddling solo.

You may want to ask if anyone on this board knows of local outfitters that I am missing, in your immediate area.

Meanwhile, if you don’t mind the drive, here is an annual event in August that is perfect for finding out what it can be about. All women.