Perception Sierra or Necky Sky or Gannet

Ok, so I have it narrowed down, but the problem is I might not be able to test run all three. I’ve read all of the reviews, but is there anyone outhere that has paddled all three? Opinions?

I have a Necky Sky
I like it a lot. It tracks well and has a roomy cockpit with a comfortable seat that’s easy to adjust while paddling. It also has enough room for overnight trips. However, if you’re interested in doing that, I highly recommend getting the optional hatch. Just makes it so much easier getting stuff in and out. I’ve paddled mostly flatwater, but have done some lake crossings. I don’t know if it’s weathercocking or not, but if the wind is behind you, it wants to turn this way and that. It tracks like an arrow into the wind, though.

Santa Cruze
Hello all, I have a Santa Cruze. I use it for my river camp boat. It can haul a weeks worth of stuff and turn on a dime. It does need flotation in the front, or stuffed with poofy storage bags. It’s a wide boat. A Rob Roy almost. I have several more serious boats, but I always enjoy the cruze. I’ve tripped the coast of Superior and traveled white water with it.

Too bad the Gannett is gone, it’s the best of the small river boats.


Isn’t the Santa Cruz the Gannet with a hatch?

I have a Gannet which I never paddle since I prefer canoes. However my kids, their friends, my friends and their kids do paddle it and I’ve yet to hear a complaint. We’ve had out on the pond, quickwater rivers and Plum Island Sound (protected ocean).

The cheesy looking “skeg” has held up surprisingly well and seems pretty effective for going between manuverability and tracking. I did add flotation bow and stern which helps some when the kids play Titanic BUT it’s a pain getting all the water out unless you use a pump and sponge.