Perception Sonoma Seatback Mysteries

Here’s the seatback for the Perception Sonoma kayak I purchased used:

Mystery 1: Anyone know what the velcro is for?

Mystery 2: There’s a tab on the bottom of the seatback and a slot in the seat:

You can’t tell from the photo, but the tab does not fit into the slot (yellow arrow). It is too long (side to side). You can see from the wear marks (red arrow) that it has been angled into place.

Do you think this is a replacement seatback?

Wrong seat back my guess

If you by a new Current Design seat back same thing happens seat back doesn’t fit older seat base is not long enough. You may need to buy seat base and back together.

If the Sonoma 10 used the same seat as the Sonoma 13.5, that is not the original seat back.

I’m going to cut the tab so that it fits the slot.

Velcro was probably there for a removable pocket of some kind – I have seen that with some replacement seats. I agree this is an aftermarket seat. I bought my sister in law an older Perception Monterey 14 last Summer ( different model but same era as the Sonoma and same seat) and the seat back is solid plastic, no nylon cover, with a tab that slips easily into that slot. Here’s the catalog with specs on your new boat in case you are interested.