perception sports 13 or riot edge 13

I am a beginner kayaker that is looking for a good all around kayak. I will probably be doing mostly lakes and streams and the ocean about once a year. I have been looking at a perception sports conduit 13 from dicks sporting goods for about $549. Also I have been looking at a Riot edge 13 that REI carries for about $659. what do you think would be a better option for me?



re: which one

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If the Riot Edge 13 has front and rear watertight bulkheads (which is unclear; the YouTube video for it says it does, but Riot's own site only says 'Bulkhead-sealed rear compartment'), then I think I like the Edge a little better... it's a bit narrower/sleeker than the Conduit (might be a bit faster), and has perimeter deck lines for grabbing onto, which is really nice in the event of a capsize.

It also has a skeg, which could be great when it's windy.

But if the Edge doesn't have front and rear bulkheads, I'd go with the Conduit instead (which does have that), if those are the only two choices. Both kayaks seem to have small enough cockpits to accept a good sprayskirt, which is important if you're venturing into big water/conditions.

Another possibility might be the Perception Rhythm 14, a still longer and sleeker boat than either, and also at Dick's, currently for $699.

Then there's Craigslist, where you might be able to pick up a used boat that's better than any of those for the same or less money.

The Riot Edge 13 and 14.5

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have front and rear bulkheads or at least, all the ones I have seen have had them. Riot just updated their web-site so probably there are a number of typos and other bugs present.

I have the Conduit 13,
and I like it very much. However, I only use it for calm water paddling. The Conduit is more of a crossover kayak, being a hybrid of a rec and touring boat. It is very fast, edges nicely, and overall, handles very well in calm water (slight chop, waves 1-2 feet max). It may not do as well as the Edge on very large waves (as was just made known to me in another post). I have not taken it on the ocean or a large lake, and it might handle differently on very rough water.

Look at reveiws for the Dagger Catalyst 13, because the Conduit is the same thing with a different name. One reveiw says that it worked well on 15-20 foot waves, but I have no experience of that myself.

Furthermore, the Conduit is rudder-ready, meaning that if you need extra help tracking and turning, you can add a rudder. The Riot comes with a skeg, and the skeg helps the boat track better, and one of its advantaged over the rudder is that it is submerged all the time, whereas the rudder may dip in and out. It is really a personal choice, and you shouldn’t need either a skeg or a rudder if you are mostly going calm water paddling.

Overall, I love my Conduit very, very much, but if you want more of an ocean touring kayak, the Edge may be a better choice.

I vote Riot
I like the quality of the Riot plastic much better than Perception’s. I also like some of their designs (although I haven’t paddled that one specifically) and I think their boats are more comfortable than many.