Perception Sundance 12.0 or Patriot 12.0

I need help and I need it fast! I’ve been looking to purchase my second kayak. The first one I have is a Perception 12.5 Lanakai SOT for beach/sound use that I leave down in OBX.

I’m looking to buy a recreational kayak. At first, b/c I’m cheap, I looked at either the Perception Prodigy or the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 (both around $330). After several people have warned me to get a least a 12 footer b/c I’m 6’4" 225 lbs, I’ve moved on to two new choices:

Perception Sundance 12.0 ($400) or Perception Patriot ($500). I’m going to make my purchase within the next few days b/c my local shop as only one of each remaining and won’t be reordering (I’m not even sure they make either of these anymore). I was all set to go w/ the Sundance but the seat back looks awfully unstable/cheap and some of the reviews say that people have experienced them breaking (and I’m a larger guy). However, I’m not sure that the Patriot’s seat is really worth an extra $100.

Somebody who’s familiar w/ both please help!!!

they are both discontinued kayaks
and are both made by Confluence watersports, the Largest Kayak manufacturer on the market. Its hard to suggest one to you because they are both very simular. They were made in the same factory, with the same material. The dimensions and cockpit size are all very close to each other. I think you should get whichever one you feel is more stylish, better looking to you because performance wise, I think they will be very simular. SO its more of a personal taste I think. What looks better to you??

I got a Sundance
The first thing i did was to replace the seat back with one of my own making. I took one of those old 1960’s moulded plactic seats with the metal legs, and cut the plactic back out with enough of the seat bottom included in order to bolt it to the existing seat bottom. the nylon strap that held the original back now helps support my new seat back. I added a gel seat pad to the bottom. This works well and the seat is now comfortable and supports my back for all day fishing trips.

Any chance
you can test paddle them both and see if you find one more suitable for you then the other? Test paddling is probably the best way to figure what the right boat is for you.

What is good for you all depends on your intentions for the boat, you physical characteristics, and the water you plan to paddle.

Good luck.

sundance 12
Spend the extra dough and get the well padded seat or you’ll regret it after 15 minutes on the water. I have a perception 12 with a nice thick foam seat and I’ve done 5 hour cruises on the lake/creeks, also in some whitewater. Well worth it.