Perception Swifty 9.5

I posted earlier about being a beginner in kayaking and looking for an inexpensive kayak. I found this one used for around $200. What do you guys think? I can’t afford anything more than $200…How do you like the Perception Swifty for lakes and calm rivers?

Thanks for your help. You guys are great.

$200 is a little too much

Stable, easy to handle, good way to build up your arms since the drawback is when you stop paddling, the yak stops. Not much glide potential. I’ve had a blast in mine.

condition of boat
In Central Illinois, you can get a new Swifty for about $259 on sale at Dick’s. But MSRP is probably around $350. Is the used boat you’re looking at in good shape? Has it been stored in or out of the sun? Only paddled by a little old lady on Sunday to and from church? I’ve had my Swifty for 6 years, still have fun with it. Just be aware of its limitations (as another poster mentioned … no glide) and stick with quiet rivers and small lakes on non-windy days and you’ll have fun until you can afford a bigger boat for bigger water.

If it is in good shape, it is a good buy
It is also good for your requirements.



You won’t go wrong
with a Swifty. I’ve had one for almost 9 years, and it has a lot of miles on it. It has been stored outdoors in partial sun, in central Florida, and has not faded or gotten brittle.

The Swifty is not fast, but it is quick and responsive, and is perfect for narrow, twisting, fast moving streams (like Juniper Creek in Florida,) as well as calm lakes. I’ve used mine in windy, moderate chop conditions—lots of fun. In chop, you will get splashed, and I’ve enjoyed using my spray skirt in those conditions.

In another post, I believe you mentioned the Otter. The Swifty is lighter weight, at 38 pounds.

The only drawback I’ve found is when paddling with people who have boats that are twice as long, it is a real workout to keep up.

Given your needs and present budget, I don’t think you can beat the Swifty. Have fun!