Perception Torrent?

So I have a chance to buy a used Perception Torrent. I do surf, lake and slow-to-moderate rivers. I read the reviews on this site, but wondered if there are other opinions. I would assume it is a very wet ride with terrible tracking, but I won’t be doing long trips, so I doubt that would be a huge problem. Does anybody here have any advice? Could it be worth a 4 to 5 hour trip? Does it perform ok on surf? Thanks.

Paddled once
I paddled a Perception Torrent once on a Class II/III run. I did not surf, as this was my first whitewater run in a kayak and I was concentrating on just getting downriver and keeping my head above water most of the time.

The Torrent was a pain in the butt in slackwater. I will admit that was a result of my poor form rather than any defect in the boat. Were I to paddle one now, I expect the result would be somewhat different.

In rough water, and especially chutes, the boat performed exceptionally well. I felt as if I had complete control over every aspect of the boat.

Take that for what it’s worth. A friend of mine who is the real thing whitewater paddler bought a Torrent as a whitewater fishing platform. That says a lot about the boat to me, but since you don’t know how picky and knowledgeable my friend is, probably doesn’t mean much to you.

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Torrent Good For WW For A Pretty
good size paddler. I think it’s fine up to class II/III. Haven’t seen it any runs rated higher than that.

For surfing, you can do it but it won’t be the best sit on top for that. Its chines and rocker are made for forgiveness on white eater. These same characteristics will make it slower and not as good for carving on waves. Better off with a Kaos or Cobra Strike SOT for waves.

Of course, you should decide on what you intend to do more or and realistically what is more accessible to you. Many a folks who lived 2 hours or more from surf buy a surf craft only to sell it off for 1/2 price a year or two later.


Don’t do it
I own a Torrent. I live inland, so I don’t know anything about surf, but it would be a terrible boat for lakes, and you can get much better SOTs for slow rivers. The Torrent is really not suitable for anything but milder whitewater.

Not a slack water boat
My other half has one and uses it for mindless lilly-dipping down class III so she can pick up all my gear at the bottom. Works pretty well for that, but I wouldn’t call it a surfer or one for flat water usage.


Thanks for the feedback. I live 2.5 hours from the coast, so I’d be doing more river travelling, but some sound and surf work also. If I could get this boat for $250 would it be worth it?

How does a Big Yak compare?
How about the Big Yak from Ocean Kayak? It’s a wide kayak, but it might be better suited for surf/river than the Torrent.

Great yak!
I have a Torrent and love it. It is at its best in 3-5 foot breaking waves. I paddle in Great Egg Harbor Bay just south of Atlantic City, NJ. There is a sand bar there and you get waves coming together from the north and east. When the waves are in the 3-5 foot range the Torrent performs extremely well. It’s stable but not the slow barge it looks like. Also easy to climb back on after a capsize. This is really important considering the short interval between waves in this area. I would consider it a great surf kayak but then I guess it depends on what you call “surf”. For very rough conditions the Torrent is very hard to beat.