Perception Tribute?

Hi All,

I’m a beginner and this board has been a wonderful resource for my research - many thanks to all who take the time to post and help all the rookie paddlers!

I’m looking for a kayak to use on a nearby lake for paddling - nothing fancy. I don’t want a bathtub though so I’ve been looking at day touring kayaks. I want something rather light and about 12’ to 14’ in length, I think. I’m afraid that price comes into consideration too so no fiberglass toys for me! I’m about 5’9" tall and 160 pounds.

Some of the kayaks that I’m looking at are the Necky Manitou 13, the WS Tsunami, the Hurricane Tampico… There are a lot of choice out there and I look forward to trying out a lot of boats before I make my final decision. Unfortunately, I’m not in an area that has boats for rental so it will be Demo Days and test drives for me - not as much evaluation time at the helm as I’d like.

One kayak that I found at the Perception website caught my attention but I can’t find any reference to it here on these boards - the Perception Tribute. It’s listed as 12’ long, 24" wide and 40 pounds. Sounds too good to be true. Has anyone seen it or had any experience with it?

Your help & suggestions are much appreciated.

Its a new model
this year. I’ve seen it but haven’t paddled it yet. KK

Thanks KK
I think it might be the same as the LL Bean Calypso - they seem to be very similar.

the Tribute is taken off the Carolina 12 hull NOT the BEAN Calypso. WAY different.

We spent considerable time fine tuning the smaller Carolina hull to be effecient, quiet and easy to push around, gearing it to the smaller paddler. It’s a pretty fun boat for the $$$.


Good to know…
Thanks for the comments Steve. I’m still searching, and if my test paddle of the Sonoma 13.5 doesn’t work out this weekend, I may revisit some of the other options in the Perceptive line.