Perception Tribute

Why do the reviews describe this kayak as being for “smaller paddlers”? The cockipt is 19.5 x 35 and the depth is 13.5". Do they just mean it’s small compared to typical recreational kayaks?

Probably they mean that a large paddler
like me would find that the boat wouldn’t handle the way it was designed to. Or that a heavy paddler could exhaust much of the carrying capacity.

I got a Necky Looksha Sport at a benefit auction, and I’m sure my 225# is more than it was designed for. I don’t have reserve capacity to do serious overnighting. But actually, under my load, the boat still edges very well, perhaps better than under lighter weight.

So if you’re considering that whateveritis, and can try it out, just see if it seems to handle well and doesn’t sit too deep to carry lunch and a golden retriever.

That makes sense, thanks
I was only thinking about the actual fit.

I did have to make mods to the sides of
the seat, but that’s mostly because I have wide set hip joints.

How do you like your Tribute?