Perception Umiak

I never heard of this yak and know nothing on it ,but looking for a used yak for my kids to use.Found used one for sale for $155. What type of yak is this,rec,sea,and any reviews or feedback on it?

Sounds good
for the price. My younger daughter has this boat, passed down from her older sister. It is a great boat for kids, 12 ft long, 22 inches wide, fast enough to keep up with the bigger boats. A small person’s sea kayak. It does not have hatches, so float bags are good idea. All in all a great little boat. The seat is sort of strange, but my gilrs never complained about it. I’d get it for 155 bucks, just to have another kids boat around.


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It's now the Carolina 12.0. Lots of positive reviews by parents in the archives and the review section.

It’s a sea kayak.
Good to about 120lbs. A very good buy at $155. My son has one and we have been very happy with it. It tracks well and is quite fast. Make sure you have flotation bags for the front and back-do not go out without the flotation bags. Also make sure that the paddle is short enough for kids to use properly.—Rich

weight capacity?
can’t find specs on boat anywhere. Do you know capacity? Is it 120lbs?

Yep 120lbs EOM.


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my children used one for a few years
before they learned about malls, sony play station and MUCH MUSIC. We used it within protected ocean areas and the lake. Sold it a couple of years ago and the couple that have it use it for their family. Just today they told me it was one of their smarter kayak purchases and still love it. The kayak remains in great condition and is well used through out the summer. The price you noted sounds excellent if the condition is right.

It Can Take A Little More Weight
but not too much more… I use my son’s for pool practice.

My only complaint is that the cockpit is way to big for kids to make good contact with to really edge/lean the boat. I installed plastic and foam to make thigh braces.

I’ll likely get rid the Umiak this year and let my youngest use the RM mystic.


My Daughter Also…
has a red one. She’s nine and loves it. It’s fairly stable and pretty quick for its width and length; she smokes her mother in her Perception America. I’d echo adding some sort of flotation bags, though. I also drilled the seat and added a backband, as there’s no back support without it. Nice little boat, and a great value at that price, if it’s in reasonable condition.

Hi! I’m new here but I started off with a Umiak even though I’m not a kid. The weight is 120lbs. It’s a great boat.