Perception vs Elie?

Looking to purchase my first kayak, though I’ve kayaked many times in the past. After researching and trying out several boats, I’m leaning towards a 12’ touring boat and have narrowed to the Perception Tribute 12 and the Elie Strait 120. I’m a 5’1" woman. Any thoughts/preferences/reviews on these two or any other kayaks you might suggest? Many thanks for your input!

What/where kayak?
It appears that you have landed on boats for smaller paddlers… though make sure to sit in the boat. Smaller is smaller than a 180 pound guy 8 to 9 inches taller than you and there’s a lot of room in there.

But where would you be kayaking, what kind of conditions, that kind of thing?

Perception vs Elie?
Thanks Celia - I have sat in the Tribute but can’t find the Elie Strait around here to try, hence looking for input. I’ll likely be doing mostly flatwater-lakes, slow rivers, maybe some protected bays, but am looking for as much flexibility as I can get in one boat, while still being mindful of loading it myself.

Loading can be made easier
Re loading, you slide a boat to the roof rather than lift and there are a variety of devised to help with that (and a blanket to protect the finish). Would you be using a third party rack or the rack already on the car?

A basic touring boat would do you, so you are in the right camp.

See if trilliumlake weighs in - she’s knows boats for your size very well and seems to be able to find just about anything on Craig’s list.