Perception Wavehopper

Anyone know anything about the old Wavehopper design? Might be an interesting down river boat. Appears to be a rotomolded wildwater design they stopped making in 1999. Any info would be appreciated.

heavy, sturdy and a fast design for a beater down river racer.

It was originally designed as a trainer that could be abused. if memory serves me I think it’s not quite race specs for a DR boat but it is a favorite for many of the extreme ww races.

Like true DR boats it’s tippy as heck. :wink:


conservative race boat, good cruiser
As a solid C1/C2 paddler but only a so-so kayaker, I find the Wavehopper to be manageable and comfortable in mild whitewater and cruising. It is far slower and far more stable than a typical glass K1 - it is roughly equal in speed to a strong paddler in a glass wildwater C1.

There was a group considering getting a batch made with the old molds a year or two ago - I think the molds are in England. You could find out more from

There is also another plastic wwK1 called a FastWave that is more recent. It is much closer to a glass wwK1 in performance but is not as durable as a Wavehopper. There is one advertised for sale now at the website.