Perception's Acadia 12.0

Does anyone out there own an Acadia 12.0? I’ve narrowed the field of yaks I’m looking at (first-time buyer) and I’m wondering what others think of it for a general, flatwater, rec boat. I’ve seen the reviews on the Acadia II and the Acadia 12.5 but nothing on the 12.0.

Pros? Cons? Other suggestions?

Perception Acadia
I have an Acadia that I have paddled some. I prefer sea kayaking, and the Acadia is too short for any real speed or distance. I have used it on rivers, and it handles well, turns easily, and has good initial stability. It depends on where you want to paddle and how fast. If you want a stable boat (you can stand up in it without flipping it) for river use, the Acadia should fit the bill. Kids have used mine on a nearby lake, and the large cockpit accommodates larger paddlers.

Exactly what WK said.I even ran
some class 1 and 2 rapids in mine, but it was just too slow. I gave it to my son.

My experience was the same as the other folks. Very nice little boat for puttering around small lakes. Very stable and very maneuverable, but not efficient enough to paddle very far.

Rec Boat
Sounds exactly what he’s looking for, a small rec boat to be used on flat water.

I had an Acadia for my first boat. Its width 27 inches pushes a lot of water. You will notice a large wake in the front of the boat. We used to call it The PIG.

I would suggest renting or taking a beginner kayaking course first and try the monterey or Carolina before you buy. Yeah its 200-300 dollars more but you get alot more boat. You will not be looking to upgrade in a year. I usually do not suggest a boat shorter than 13.5 feet.

Good luck and happy paddling.


Before buying, I’d check out . . .
the Necky Manitou.

After doing a ton of web research and trying out lots of boats, I purchased a Necky Manitou. So far, I’m very happy with my purchase.

For a short rec boat (12’7") it tracks great, has good speed, nice stability, etc. In my opinion, it’s a nice balance between a rec and short touring boat.

The Difference
I’ve had one for about a year. I have had a lot of fun with it, but like everyone says, it depends on what you want to do with it. I have paddled it for 10-12 miles at a shot on flat rivers (up and back) and it seemed fast enough for me, but I have nothing faster to compare it to. I can tell you that it is way faster than my 8 year old’s Otter, but I can probably swim faster than the Otter.

As to the difference between the Acadia 12 and the 12.5, I believe the only difference is the bulkhead and hatch. The length is identical, or maybe 1" shorter, so they probably handle the same.

If you are not looking to take it in the ocean, or go on any extended treks, I think it is a good boat for the price (~$500). Most of the boats that people recommend as alternatives are usually hundreds more.

The decision was easier for me, having kids, and knowing that if I ever wanted to upgrade I could just pass it down and get myself another boat.

Good luck with whatever you choose.