Percepton Tribute 10 or Ocean Venus 10 ?

Which would you recommend for a small young woman (5’3" 108 pounds) who is going to be paddling on intercoastal waterways and some light surf in the Gulf of Mexico?

I do have kayaking experience but I am not a speed racer nor do I need anything for distance racing. Just out and about, and I do lug it myself so I need lightness and low cost. Thanks!


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Both of those have a fairly wide beam for someone your size. The WS Tsunami SP is the same weight and would be much more efficient to paddle. It'd be easier to self-rescue than the Tribute. But it may be out of your price range.

A used WS Piccolo would also work.

The Venus -- or another SOT, like the Malibu 3.4 -- might be better if surf play is a priority. SOTs also make better swim platforms.

I’m your height
OK - half an inch taller. Agree with Angstrom on size. You should go narrower (and shallower would be nice too, in terms of depth at the front of the cockpit.)

hi OP
I’m 5’3" and 117 lbs.

For an SOT try the Hurricane Phoenix series - the models are 120, 130, 140 and 160. I just got the 120 (it’s actually 11’3" - that’s just boat nomenclature) and am having big fun! very agile, easy to turn, fun on rivers, surfs real nice on lake waves (I’m in Michigan). I can edge it, do all kind of strokes. Getting thigh braces soon for even more fun. It’ll be perfect for those hot days on rivers or inland lakes where I can swim/paddle/sun to my heart’s content.

Only 38 lbs which is good n light for a sit on top - they do take more material to build so are generally heavier by the foot than the Sit Inside Kayaks (aka SINKs). At our size we need to go light. The heavy boat is the one that gets used less…

here are some SINK(s)that are good daytourers/transitional kayaks - not full on seakayaks, shorter but nicely equipped, nimble, which fit a very small paddler:

Hurricane Tampico 135S

Hurricane Tampico 140S

Current Designs Raven - very cool 12 foot fully equipped, quick and agile. Two bulkheads w. two small hatches. Can do everything the big guys do except of course pack a lot. Get rid of the high seat back - gets in the way of rescues & good torso rotation and replace it w. a backband like a Snapdragon Backband I or Immersion Research Reggie.

Wilderness Systems Tchaika (no longer made, find used)

Episea (14 foot greenland style rotoplastic - made

in Wisconsin). One bulkhead, need float bags

in front)

Necky Zoar LV (no longer made but very recently discontinued)

Dagger Alchemy 140S

Necky Manitou (14 footer, the one w. two bulkheads)

I am mentioning these bec. I have actually paddled them. And I know what it’s like to be a petite paddler looking for a good fitting boat. Shoot me an email if you want to know more.

The Hurricane boats are very pretty
and generally well outfitted. They are worth a look.