Pere Marquette Repair

I just got a Fiberglass Pere Marquette canoe and it needs repair. I would like to repaint the outside as it is very worn and faded, as well as some minor Fiberglass repair. Any suggestions on paint and repair technique?

Also the fiberglass top front and back plates have cracked and are shot. These are the triangle pieces on top where the front and back sides come together. Any suggestions on a fix for this? I’d like to do this ASAP and get going on summer as I just moved one block away from the city lakes of Minneapolis.

Minn ?
I believe the Northwest canoe shop is in mini-appless.

Look up Al Gustavson there and let him tell you what you need for the canoe! He has always been a straight shooter when I need advice, or parts.

Those plates would have to be traced
and new plates laid up using FG cloth and epoxy. Let us know if you want to tackle that. Also, what sort of hull repair?

You know, it sounds like you have a good starter canoe, but maybe not one that you should sink a bunch of money into. I’d suggest the cheapest repairs to make the canoe usable (duct tape?) while saving your money to shop for a spiffy new canoe.

You should have plenty of time… Summer up there doesn’t begin for another two months.

pere Marquette
I have a Pere Marquette. I too need a gunwale for the end. Bought one 30 years ago but don.t have a source. the replacement I bought then was heavy allunimum. Have had the canoe for 50 years and raised four kids in it and it is still in excellent shape. I would sell it.