Performance/Racing Kayak Boat Advice

Looks familiar but its gotta be hot there! Did you paddle up to Hoover Dam?

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Wow! You’re good. Didn’t make it that far. Yeah it’s hot but the cold water is most definitely a redeeming factor.

You look happy and comfortable. Congrats on your great new ride!

The V-8 is the hull of an 18x with a different deck on it. There really isn’t a reason to look for an 18x, unless it is for your wife.

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Not so good, considering the labels on the pics. IIRC the round trip is 24 miles. A long haul but if you paddle regularly that will become doable. And if you do it in February you can soak your sore muscles at the hot spring on the way back.

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Ha, yeah true. I didn’t realize the message board attached that info.
Yep, February sounds pretty great at this point.

Sure, but there is something to be said for a sit-inside cockpit and on board storage!

Congrats! You scored a good deal, too.

I’m jealous of your sandy beach.

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The two I’ve been thinking about are the Epic 18X and the Stellar S18R. Both are boats designed and used in racing. Both have enough room to pack some gear.
I would love to try a surf ski though!

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The Stellar S18R looks like a fast boat! I find that I am a big fan of the way Epic boats look but I totally understand those who don’t. I admit that the Stellar boats do look slick.

They are both fast boats and as a bonus they are light. I think the combo makes a boat that I would get out and paddle more often anyway. I really like last years integrated rudder on the Epic. They went to the standard over the stern rudder this year which is of course an obstacle for re entry. I’m watching for a used 18x or 18x sport. Hard to find used. So far I’ve found people not willing to even help with shipping it or a rental place that had one repaired and isn’t going to let it go until after another rental season… Pass. This weekend I bought a Wenonah prism solo canoe. All the more proof that I need either the epic or stellar kayak also. So much fun to paddle a fast mover and so much easier to move around than a more standard weight boat. My old canoe feels like a barge by comparison.

Watch these too. Your elbow is bent too far. :slight_smile:
Hope you love the boat! $1500 for an Ultra layup is a very good deal too!

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Thanks for the videos! I appreciate that. I know I have a lot of work to do so I’ll take all the pointers I can get.

Using a wing paddle will guide you. It is pickier about the catch, power application, and exit. OC also has some great beginner tips online, such as simple rotation exercises. (If you really get into it, you can also pay a fee to “join his club” for additional info.)

You have great conditions for practicing remounts, of which there are also many online free videos.

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Wow! That’s a sweet deal. If for any reason you decide to get rid of it, send me a message :wink:


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The drills described on the second video (Oscar Chalupsky) work great to learn how to use a wing. I go through some of them every time I catch my self extending the top arm or pulling too close to the ski. Kind of the “push up penalty” for paddling.

Gotcha! I very briefly tried the previous owner of this V8’s wing paddle. It was full carbon and looked to be at least a mid wing. It had a load of power! I decided to order the small wing so I can apply these exercises. Can’t wait.

Small wing is the way to go unless you’re extremely fit or a sprinter. I have never felt I overpowered my small-mid wing and its easier on the limbs over time. Oscar’s videos are all worth watching