Perimeter/bungee replacement

Where’s your preferred place (online) to procure perimeter line and bungee? Would like the perimeter line to be reflective. I found several old threads here on the subject but all the resulting links were old and/or broken.

I have wondered if Paracord would work
for perimeter line and carry handles. I intend to do a couple yaks this winter with it. I see it everywhere in all colors. Google reflective paracord you’ll get a hundred hits.

Quality Nylon Rope
Quality Nylon Rope, formally Neocorp is the place I use. I ordered a from them a few years ago and am about to order again.


They’ve got excellent products and outstanding service.

That’s the place I was looking for! Thanks for the updated link.

i got mine from

Follow up:
What material do you use for the perimeter? Nylon/polyester/polypro?


drill ?

Spend money ?

save money ?

1/8th” cord is very useful….buy 50’

I’m restringing hubcaps with it.

Aerospace 303 renews cord, waxes hull for traveling

I believe they call it 3/16" “sport cord”. Unlike Nylon, polyester cord won’t get loose when it gets wet.

it is then. (I only now just noticed that their website mentions the stretchiness of nylon.)

Ordered from QNR and already received it. Great company. Looks like really nice line. Thanks.