Persistence paid off today

So 3 days ago my favorite local put-in was open and I was so proud of the St Joseph river for shrugging off the cold temps we’d been having throughout January. But with temps in low 20’s and winds to 30 mph not paddling weather.

So yesterday I check the put-in and it’s seriously iced over.

So I checked other nearby put-ins. Checked 5 spots and all were iced over or closed.

So today I hiked down and ended up using a large branch to beat on the ice for a good long time time until I finally got my way.

So I went back and got my vehicle and canoe.

Gorgeous conditions.

But hazardous conditions too. It felt great to get out for 1st time this year.


Good for you, Tom! Not much snow down there, so that’s a plus.

I remember those years. Now I enjoy reading about them.

With the kind of luck I have at times, my 3 hour cruise would look like a frozen Gilligan’s. Get back and see that the launch was frozen.

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