Personal camping gear for a six year old

My grandson loves camping. I need suggestions on personal camping gear for someone that age.Ideally, it would be something he can use for years.

fanny pack
I got my boys smallish adult fanny packs when they were around that age. I also got them small Nalgene bottles to fit inside, small flashlights and a whistle. It got them to begin thinking about the idea of being responsible for themselves. Years later, they always know where their fanny packs are and they make sure they have 'em.

Boy Scout Suggestions
Peter has been camping for several years and now at eleven has made the transition from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. The Boy Scouts have some pretty extensive suggestions and it turns out expensive also. They, of course have to carry everything and have a rule that the total weight can’t be more than 20% of their body weight. So, I have been looking and buying extra light weight, (translate as expensvie), camping equipment. One man tent 3.2 lbs, sleeping bag 5.1 lbs, cookware 0.5 lbs, flashlight with 2 D cells 1.1 lbs, backpack 4.7lbs. I still am looking for the rest of the list but am fast approaching the weight limit of just under 20 lbs. The carry weight to include at least 2 quarts of water and overnight food. I am going to have to start feeding him more so that the 20% grows a little.

The good news is that all this stuff works out great for kayak camping.


LED headlamps and glow sticks
LED headlamps are easy on the batteries, especially when they fall asleep with them on. Glow sticks, you can get pretty cheap these days. Walmart even has battery opperated versions in cool colors. Kids eat this stuff up, and the best part is you know exactly where they are all night. Heck, you can even color code your kids!


kids gear
check out

Usually great prices and lots of kids “stuff” when you figure out what you want. Name brands, My 22 yr. old son is pretty slim for his age and we’ve found plenty of things for him at Campmor. The ship quickly too and don’t hassle when you return stuff.

Good Luck!

Nature ID books
Amphibions,fish, birds, rocks and minerals, insects, etc, and a water proof bag to keep them in.

Also how about fishing stuff



Campmor was a great suggestion.
I got him a PFD and a pair of kid’s binoculars. The light sticks are good too. I’ll get those at Wal-mart. Thanks everyone!

Not gear, but a trick
If you get them binoculars, teach them that they can be used upside-down as a microscope. Of course, you can only use one barrel at a time, but it is a great way to look closely at flowers, critters, rocks etc.


One Duffel Bag Per Kid
I used to take several kids camping at least once a month.

Each kid had their own duffel bag with a small coleman tent, tent stakes, a sleeping bag, an air matress, a saddle blanket, and a plastic tarp.

The hard part was getting them to pack the stuff back at the end of the weekend.

Sleeping Bags
We have found the regular sized rectangular sleeping bags are fine for our boys, 4yo and 2yo. But we have only taken them car camping. The 2yo is still in a Pack n Play, and we fold the bottom back over the top a little. The 4yo likes his Bob the Builder blanket in his bag with him. All of which help keep them warm old cold nights.

I’m on Campmor’s mailing list, and their catalog has a big section for kids and even infants. Prices are generally very good, and shipping fast.

We get fleece and what not from walmart/target, or whoever has it on sale. While Campmor has good prices, the name brand jackets are too expensive. Otherwise we dress the boys in winter wear from second hand clothes stores. We are always loaning some winter gear to some of our friends.

We always have a extra set of clothes on hand, for when they decide to jump into the water.

I like the idea mentioned above about LED flash lights. The boys will play with the lights all night if you let them.

Our 4yo has his own oar, that I cut from a 1x4. He helps paddle the kayak. He also has a fishing pole, with a bright yellow fish tied to the end of the line. He keeps busy, and the 2yo just falls a sleep.



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If I go car camping, It will be at carter lake