SW Michigan today. Not as warm as it was for the Edisto River paddlers and not as cold as where Rookie lives up by Santa. Mid 40’s, about 10 degrees below normal with light snow possible tomorrow. The Concord grapes were harvested about 2 weeks ago. The local farmer tells me they look for a " Brix" number around 15 which indicates the sugar content. The pathetic dwarf corn at the end of the vineyard was harvested a couple days ago while the healthier corn down by the river hasn’t been harvested yet. The farmer tells me that they want the moisture content down to around 13-14%. Just past peak color but still incredible whenever the sun peeks out.

We hiked the Jordan Valley (a little bit North of Rookie) on Friday & Saturday. A bit of wet snow both mornings that mostly melted off later.

I did see a picture of an uncle-in-law who lives up there snow blowing Sunday morning.

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Location, location, location (and elevation). SW Michigan sure looks quite appealing.

Since October 1 we have had eight days without snow or rain (all in October). Barely enough time to get the firewood in, clean up what leaves have fallen, and do other winter prep. Local landscaping crews who do fall cleanup for the summer/weekend homes took a financial hit and have traded their rakes/leaf blowers for snow plows.

Was greeted with this view Sunday morning (11/3)

Thawed out the Fathom in my back porch. Not much wiggle room.

This is a back road I took home from the kayak storage spa yesterday,

My road was less challenging.

That’s a lot of fire wood.
When I had a fireplace in Sacramento I use to keep a quarter cord mainly for date night. My Siamese cat loved to play in it.

On date night you would see guys at the supermarket buying bottles of wine and presto logs…

Presto logs? That’s funny. There’s another three face cord stacked outdoors, but close to the house. Normally it would stay there and season for another year, but winter has hit hard and early so I may have to pull off that pile. Unless we’re gifted with an early spring. :crossed_fingers:

Presto log budget for your Rookie would be equivalent to another kayak. New.

Rookie, seems like you have had a tough year weather wise.

Summer just seemed awfully short this year, once it arrived.

Not unusual to have our first snow in late October or early November. Last year there was 15" on the ground on opening day of deer season. An arctic blast is heading in which will affect you, too, string. And Overstreet, although he thinks 70F is chilly. :wink:

As the cold air passes over Lakes Superior and Michigan, it sets up our infamous lake effect snow bands. Am guessing the ski areas will be open by next weekend.

Next year I shall be wise and have my snow tires installed by October 15. Couldn’t get an appointment to do that until next week.

Forgot to add that our temperatures have been running 20 degrees below normal this autumn.

Better you than me. I paddle sunny days into the 40s , but seldom. We paddle in temps that fry people who aren’t adapted to heat, but early or late.

We may set another weather record for cold temps next week. Weather records seem to be the new normal…both high and low temps and wind speeds. Local Lake Michigan surface temp is 62F. Hardest part seems to be the wild swings in temp plus temps way different than normal so one can get caught not dressing warm enough pretty easily. Canadians seem like pigs in poop heading north, breaking out their hot tents, anxious for the lakes to freeze, and generally giddy about winter. Everyone around here likes Fall but we like it to last more than a day and we prefer when it doesn’t come in August.

My grandmother was Canadian by way of Scotland and grandfather was from Chicago but they moved to Florida in the late 1800s. I guess the cold tolerance gene was bred out long ago.
That arctic blast is predicted to be here by mid-week, but won’t last long. Hopefully long enough to finish off the remaining mosquitoes.

Think Grayling already did that on Thursday when the thermometer dropped to -4F. I felt bad for the high school football teams in their regional playoffs up here. The snow on the fields and bleachers had to be removed before the games could begin.

Here’s an interesting stat: there were 61 car accidents within five hours in the Traverse City area on Thursday. Maybe newcomers to the area driving in their first snowstorm?

Meanwhile Have a thaw in Anchorage

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Some perspective
through snow and static
finds an icy channel
transmitting best friend
so dog days float
our horizon

No more likely people forgot all the driving skills they learned last winter. Happens every year here too. Its amazing how fast people forget even if the annual snowfall is 200 inches.

When I lived in the mountains we called them “flatlanders”

I get the chills every time I see Paris’ bare feet.

Love her furry friend with its almost matching vest.

Well we got the four inches of system snow forecasted. Now we get to see how much of the 8+ inches of lake effect snow hits us. So much for fall colors. Anchorage looks nice.

That’s a pretty scene. When I saw the weather reports for downstate, thought of you.

Areas west are getting dumped on but for a change, not a snowflake fell here today. Very cold, but the roads were dry and the sun was shining. Now it’s moonlight and stars. A nice respite.

Edited on 11/12/19 to add that 33 inches of snow landed in Leelanau County and lake effect snows are still ongoing.