Pescador 12 rudder question

I just bought a perception sports pescador 12 (2008 tarpon 120) today. I signed up with ack newsletter and got a 20% off coupon code to use by july 26. I’ve been reading about how much the rudder helps. Today was the first time i’ve ever even been in a kayak and it was in my pond with it very windy. I figure i should save the 20% on something expensive so i want the rudder. Anybody using one? Also can somebody confirm that this is the correct one just to ease my mind? It shows that it comes with rails and foot supports which my kayak already has, are they the kind where you can turn the rudder with the foot supports?

I do understand that i need to use it a while without a rudder. I’ll be fishing out of it some but nit sure how much.

Is that a 12’ boat? Maybe a skeg
would help, but a rudder?

The shorter the boat, the more the leverage of your strokes counts in steering and keeping it in line.

I started out in 13’ whitewater kayaks, and I never felt the need for a skeg or a rudder.

Help in the current and wind
I’ve read alot of reviews saying it helps alot in wind and current fishing which seems beneficial

the rudder.Total waste of money on that boat regardless of the 20% coupon.If you don’t have one a top quality PFD would be a good idea.

I dunno, guys…
Paddling in wind can sure be a misery. A couple of you discount the idea of a rudder on this boat. That’s certainly true for general purposes. But, I think you may be “steering” the OP wrong. SOTs and rudders are not my thing, though, so, I can’t speak from experience.

No rudder needed

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I have a pescador 10 and a 12. Used on lakes, rivers, bays, and surf.

Never experienced the need for a rudder!

Sounds like you haven't paddle the boat yet. Try it out and see for yourself.

Only in the pond
I’ve read alot of reviews saying it really helps in wind and current on this boat but i guess i will pass for now… I have been meaning to ask what a good pfd is. I want the least restrictive one i can get at a reasonable price.