Pet vest?

Any suggestions for a decent, yet affordable dog life vest? I went into the local chain pet store & they had a complete piece of junk for $30. Hit the local kayak shop & they had a decent looking one for $30- but not in my wife’s stupid munchkin dog’s size. (20 lb dogs are just cats with bigger teeth if you ask me) I forget the name of the vest they had. But it didn’t have the lift handle- I’d like that , because this dog really is like a cat- she hates water. So if she ever fell in she’d be freaking out…

Thanks in advance.

Got One
Out of Campor for my dawg, largest size. She’s got such a barrel chest I can’t get the front clip attached without her whining and breathing hard, damn mixed breed being too much Chessie. I think the price back then, 4 yrs ago, was around 18$. You might want to check them out and see if they have them. Also check They carry alot of stuff and I have seen them in there and their prices are cheap. Measure your dogs chest and around the stomach first though and compare measurements for what is offered. My dawg spends more time sitting on hers then wearing it.


Dog Vest
You might want to check out the NRS Dog vests. While they are certainly more than $30, they are made really well (and have a good variety of sizes). Whichever one you pick, be sure it has a strong and well attached grab handle. That is, after all, what you will be holding onto as you pull that struggling “cat with bigger teeth” back into your boat!