Peterbough Pilgrimage

The wife and I will be visiting The Canadian Canoe Museum this week. We hope to camp nearby, any suggestions? We will bring a tandem canoe and will be looking for some easy flat water day paddles. Open to all ideas of what to do in Peterborough.

You will get better response from Canadian Canoe Routes

washes over me.

Have a great trip. It sounds wonderful.

Pictures and impressions are welcome post trip.

For an unusual experience, I’d be really tempted to launch on the Trent Canal system right in Peterborough and go through the hydrolic lift lock - at least one way. If I remember right, it lifts boats and water 60 some feet. Might be better than a ride at the fair. Otherwise the Kawartha Lakes are just to the north. Buckhorn Lake and Stoney Lake were quite scenic when I worked there 35 years ago. Two hours will get you to the southern edge of Alqonquin if you want to get away from power boats.

what they all said and,
don’t forget to go to the Sow’s Ear tavern, for a taste of serious old timey pure bred Canadiana. the likes of that place are the guys whose great great grandads broke the land in the region. and The Only cafe, for that central Cdn libertarianism, good vibes and good beer.

but don’t bother looking for high end canoes in the local outdoor shop, they stopped stocking them. canoes are very old news in that part of Canada, everyone paddles kayaks now, or they already have a trad canoe from there grandads. if anyone wants a canoe they buy a beater from a marina, or go to a specialty shop near Algonquin.