Petrel Play Progress 2

Really got slowed down this summer. Travel, grass to mow, and other distractions took time away from getting work done. But here is some progress photos.

It is that time when all they small parts should have been done…oh well.

The hull is ready for some final sanding of glass and the skeg box.

The dog always has its day…

Cockpit combing in work. The next one will be laminated differently.


Very cool! :sunglasses:

I was intrigued by this boat when it first came out from Nick Shrade. Some of the videos of Petrel at play in ocean conditions were stoking!


The top boat is the stitch and glue Petrel play, 14ft.
I think the bottom looks like the Petrel 17ft. Either is a good boat.

The one I m building is the stripper Petrel Play, 14ft.

Raisins has the Turning Point Petrel Play.

Nice work!