Petrel Play Progress

I posted a picture of this weeks ago. At that time there was a request for more as it progresses. Here is deck and hull “stripped” and first sanded. Cockpit recess is being fitted with some frustration. Becareful making cuts…

Here in Florida our grass is growing. The weeds at the farm are doing real well…and the tractor needs some work. So there’s lots of distractions.

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Looking good & yeah, cutting holes (cockpit, hatches) in something you worked so hard to get just right is a bit nervous making. How do you like that scraper you are using?

Nick gets a much smoother result and shavings. My scraper or technique is rough and just sets it up for 60 grit sanding.

Hatches, maroskis for life lines and Guillimont bungee tear drops make for a lot of holes. Oysters can do a trick too.

If you build it you can fix it.

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