Petrel Play surfing

Couple of early Petrel Plays played some modest surf at Napatree Point, RI yesterday and the paddlers were delighted with how well the craft responded to conditions. With a long boat I might have caught a couple more swells which ended up passing under me. But, for setting up for a run, changes in position on the wave, avoidance of bow burying, extricating from bad positioning, and stability it delivered. Quite nimble and responsive, when subject to wave break forces. Before a lunch break, we tangled with some off-shore tidal races with patches of highly confused water and found the boats highly suited to the task. I’ve yet to practice rolling in the “jobbly” water. But, at 41 degrees, it is a little early in the season to tempt fate. Pics from Dave Grainger.

Yeah, but what’s your question?
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That was more advice…

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...or suggestion: "If you're looking for a good play kayak" ...

...for anyone who chooses to listen. I'm listening, as I would like to know how the boat performs. I may make a future build of it.

“go surf” makes for great advice. :slight_smile:

Might have to drag the long boat and give it a shot. It’s been awhile since taking the long boat out for a ride. :slight_smile:


Would be nice to see the action in motion … Thanks for posting!

Nice shots!
Thanks for posting and sharing the photos!

Yeah more surfing … less questions