PETT toilet system?

Anyone use the new PETT toilet system yet? I’ve got two wilderness river trips this summer but I don’t want to invest the big bucks for a Scat Packer, Eco Safe, etc.

I’ve used mine for a couple of years and been very satisfied with it. Decent system. Folds up to the size of a small briefcase. Easy to use and clean. WAG bags work great.

Don’t Bother
The BLM has a homemade groover they recommend for kayakers. It’s 2’ x 4" ABS pipe with screw caps. You use large coffee filters placed on the ground. Just fold the solids into the filter and place in the tube. They recommend you put a hose connection on one end to make it easier to clean. Cost less than $20 to build.

Here’s the construction plans
This is a nice handy little toilet. it does work pretty well.

Thanks for the great toilet ideas…I’ll keep them in mind for sea kayaking trips or when it’s just me on the river. Unfortunatley 10 people on a six day trip would go through a lot of PVC! Although they would make great little “emergency tubes” for those mid-day bm’s that just can’t wait until you get the groover set up at camp.

I like the PETT system quite a lot!
My experience with the PETT toilet system includes heavy use on extended trips of 9-10 days, and that system has always worked great. It is compact enough for carrying in canoes on downriver trips, lightweight, comfortable and the WAG bags prevent any detectable odor, as well as being dump station compatible.

From my own experience I have not found a better portable toilet system, and PETT even has a small tent structure that you put around it for privacy.