Petzl vs. Pelican Head lamp

So I’m debating brands of headlamp to get for night paddling. I am looking at the : Pelican, HeadsUp Lite LED or the Petzl MYO XP Headlamp. The cost different is about $30 with the Petzl being more than the Pelican. It seems to have a really long battery life, long range, and a battery life indicator. However the Pelican states that if I break it that they will replace it…forever.

Anyone use either of these lights? I’m hoping to go on water ranging from small ponds to the great lakes (or ocean).

Not this model but…
I have a Petzel Tikka XP and its just outstanding. Well designed and made. Bright on max and very good battery life.

I bought my Petzl at EMS
and they will replace it as long as you own it. I have two (Tikka Plus), and replaced one with no trouble two years ago. Full replacement.