PFD Advice NRS Ninja vs Stolq. Edge

Any pearls of wisdom on these two. Want a low profile vest. Stolquist looks like it might be made a bit better but hard to tell from pics and video’s and NRS has never disappointed. I’m 6 foot and paddle tame rivers, often stopping to not catch fish. Thanks

If you don’t try on a life jacket, you
risk future discomfort.

Of course you want both a low profile and a high waistline. Within reason. I think a smart salesperson could help you a lot with the fit. They know where to stick their fingers to show you where a jacket is too tight. Also, remember it should be comfy sitting fore-and-aft, but also when your torso is twisting with effort. My new Stohlquist resists twisting too much.

I have a ninja, and although I love it, I think its better suited to canoeing or open boats rather than kayaks.

I say this because it naturally wants to sit lower on your chest, so that the point on the front is a couple inches above your sternum and the bottom is mid stomach. What im trying to say is, I think the Ninja goes too low to clear a kayak skirt or seat back. I almost got a Sohlquist Rocker instead of the Ninja, but the Rocker came up too high. Because the Rocker sits higher, I think it would be a good Yak vest.

As someone else mentioned, if you can try them on, it will instantly become clear which you prefer.

So for open boats, the Ninja is the most comfortable PFD ive ever worn, but it may sit too low to use in a skirted Yak. YMMV.

Great point. When I can, I go to NOC,
put my kayak or c-1 in front of the store, and bring life jackets out to try.

I tried them both
The edge felt bulkier, and I went with the ninja

Here’s what I know.
The edge and ninjar are similar. The edge has a smaller profile and is comfortable on almost all body types because it is so small. The ninja is slightly bigger.

The edge has a zipper pocket, whereas the ninja has a pretty bad, buckle closure pocket.

However, the ninja is made with cordura instead of rip-stop nylon (like the edge). Cordura looks and feels nicer, and is much more durable. The edge also has a slightly more awkward zipper, as it is a funky type of side entry.

Conclusion: You’re going to have to take a leap of faith with either one, unless you can see them both in person first. Personally, I would choose the edge (even though I don’t like the nylon).

what ezwater said
Tough for anyone to add anything nearly as meaningful as a trial fit.

Thanks Folks
Sadly I’m not within a reasonable proximity to a dealer that doesn’t primarily cater to Bass fishermen. I’m leaning towards the Edge and if it’s not right I’ll endure the post office. Thanks for your help!!!