PFD advice

Anyone have any insight on good PFDs. I need to purchase a new youth sized one for my oldest son. Looking at a Harmony youth. I have a MTI Adventurer Livery for myself and have the opportunity to purchase an Extrasport Universal for myself. Not sure if the Extrasport might be more comfortable or the same as what I have? Thanks for your feedback.

What are you paddling?
Kayaks or canoes?

I really like Astral PFD’s for features, quality of design and materials and comfort (own 3 at the moment). I notice that has several of their models on special right now for $80, which is $20 off the Linda and Ronny and $40 off the V-Eight. My V-Eight is by far the most comfortable PFD I’ve ever used, even on hot days I’m barely aware I have it on. It is somewhat lacking in pockets, so that might be a downside depending on if you and your son like to carry a lot in your PFD pockets.

They’ve also got the Stohlquist Spinner youth-sized vest for $65 and a sale price on last year’s model of the MTI Fisher vest in small (30 to 36" chest) marked down to $40. Depending on your budget, any of these could work for your purposes.

I’ve owned MTI, Stohlquist, Extrasport and Astral vests. I found the MTI to be the stiffest and bulkiest, the Stohlquist and Extrasport about in the middle and the Astrals the lightest and most comfortable.

For $39.99
The Harmony Youth is a no brainer, for the kid will outgrow it by the middle of Summer. Then a sleek Vaikobi vest should entice him to test out an Olympic K-1?

PFD Astral
I am new to kayaking and after too much research I decided on the Astral V-Eight. This is light, comfortable, and does not impair movement at all. Has open mesh back and allows for use with higher seat backs. Not sure of your son’s age, but the small might fit.