PFD choice

I am looking into getting a new PFD for sea kayaking. I am one of those guys with some extra insulation around the middle and have trouble with ride up. I am 5’9" 225lbs.

I am currently looking at 2 that seem to maybe fit the bill and they are both currently on sale. I may not get the chance to try them on. Definitely not an on water demo. Both would be a huge upgrade over my Stearns so I am not too worried about a blind purchase.

The two models are the Lotus Rio Bravo and the Extrasport Karma.

Any thoughts on those two?

For what it’s worth I would look at theKokatat MSFit as well. It’s cut specifically for women but a lot of guys have found it to be perfect. I’m a bit lighter now, but I got it when I was near your weight (I’m 5/8) and it’s been great.

I’ll check that one out.

me too
i am a bigger guy too…some of the women’s designed pfds are more comfortable for me…

for touring i use either a stohlquist drifter or a lotus locean…and surf and whitewater is use a lotus lola…

both have a bit more cut outin the chest for comfort…

I’m close to your size and my Astral 300T is very comfortable. It has a bit of a “beer gut” look compared to some other designs as the flotation is lower in front, but the tradeoff is no ride-up and really good freedom of movement. They can usually be found at 20-30% discounts online.

Thanks for the good ideas.

Go with Greyak
I’ve switched all my program vests over to Astral Tempo 200’s (The 300 is what I use but if you’re not going to be towing then the 200 is about $40 cheaper).

The fit range of the L/XL Tempo 200 is huge and the comfort/features are great. Going out today and with the optional hydration bladder in the back with some hot tea when I poke around the ice on the Hudson.

See you on the water,