PFD for 100 lb. son? - New England


I’m looking for a PFD for my son.

He’s 4’11, 100 lbs.

Something to use for kayaking, canoe trips, windsurfing.

I’ve been looking online, but they all seem too big or too small.

Any brand recommendations? Also, if anyone can recommend a store in the Boston area, that’s be appreciated.

Thanks kindly.

If you live
in the greater Boston area there are so many places to buy pfds whether it be EMS, REI, the local paddling shops, West Marine or even the small private marinas. In a pinch you could could go to Wal-Mart.

Why don’t you take your son to a shop and have him fitted?

MTI makes good vests for youths
MTI Reflex II Xsmall should work.

Charles River Canoe & Kayak
Definitely check out Charles River Canoe & Kayak at:

Charles River the ticket
I had in fact tried the local REI – they said that only their Framingham store carried PFDs.

Then I remembered Charles River Kayak – which had a fabulous selection. They had some very nice >$100 models, but we found a basic MTI for $50 which, when snugged up, just fit. Should easily get him through adolescence.


  • Richard

I found some at Dick’s for my 8 and 12
year old nephews.

They were situated in two separate locations in our local store and were designated “youth”.

They range from $25-$35. I’m not certain of the quality but they were certified by some agency whose name I can’t recall (ANSI???). They should keep the two little buggers afloat.