PFD for a Big man

well over 6’ and 300+ lbs. My XL Lotus Mildwater was too small even let out all the way.

XXL Kokatat Ronin?

I am 325#. Stohlquist Fisherman Vest in the Universal size fit perfectly. Even has room to spare. Just a few extra pockets from the regular models.

A couple suggestions from a big guy
I’m 6’3", about 275. I have a Lotus Rio Grande XXL that works perfectly for me as a sea kayak touring vest. Don’t know if they are still available.

Also, the America’s Cup Ultra Float is the ultimate big guy’s pfd. Extremely high flotation and fully adjustable for the largest paddlers. I still have the one I used one for WW canoeing in class IV stuff.

Rio Grande is definitely a good choice
But they may be difficult to find as Lotus was bought by Patagonia. NRS had Rio Grandes and they were on clearance for around $60 a few months back, you might start there. The were a heck of a bargain at that price.

Patagonia is out of the PFD business
as I recall.

Stohlquist has numerous offerings for XXL.


another big guy
I just bought a stohlquist fisherman. Haven’t paddled with it yet, but it fits fine and I’m 290 lbs, 5’5", so I’m pretty large.