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So (to follow up on my ‘need a shorter boat’ topic), I purchased a Necky Sky day before yesterday and I am really enjoying it. Both the Sky & the Looksha V have a higher backed seat and although the Looksha has an adjustible height feature the Sky does not. I’ve only had my current PFD for about a month and I was considering taking it back. The problem I am running into is that the back portion of the PFD collides with the top of the seat and ends up pushing the PFD up to where it is uncomfortable. If I could get a PFD with the back padding up nearer to my shoulder blades, it would be much better. So are there any PFD’s suitable for a 240lb guy that have that type of configuration?


Paddling a minimum of 2 miles per day, should be less than 240lbs soon!

Lotus Designs…

You might also consider…
removing the factory seatback, if feasible, and replacing it with a lower profile backband.

This would be a win-win situation, all things considered.


Had the same problem with my Skye and then my Manitou. I didn’t buy them to roll. I bought them for comfort. I found that keyhole life vests do the trick. They don’t interfere with the paddling and you have nothing twixt your back and the seat. They are also cooler…though yoy may not look as spiffy sans many pockets, knives hanging off and assorted dodads. But they will work for you, cheap too.

kokatat sea 02
perfect for high back seats, perfect for comfort too in any kayak…quite a design marvel esp. since you can manually inflate if you want and when uninflatted it still has 7 pounds of integral flotation and has 2 pockets…

I agree with Holmes, but if you just want to get a PFD the Stohlquist aSea is made specifically for high-back seats. Don’t have one myself, but I know some that do and they work well for that.

Lotus Quietwater Sale
FYI, the Lotus Quietwater PFDs are on sale for $49.95 on the Rutabaga website:

Just received two last night.