PFD for shorter torso.

I am so sick of my PFD getting pushed up as I paddle. It is even worse of course when I use the spray skirt. I have tried to adjust this thing to no avail.

Although I am 5’11", for some reason I have a short torso. So when I am sitting on the kayak seat, there is not much room for a normal sized PFD. Does anyone know of a PFD that has most of it’s mass higher up on the torso?

Thank you in advance

Try Astral Whitewater Vests
They don’t push up. Even their 100 series is better than more expensive life jackets. NRS has them.

kokatat pfd
I am short in stature and tried and returned many. The kokatat orbit tour fits me well - very short and large arm openings make it comfortable although it is pricey and a pullover style.

Yes, try Astral, I have an Astral ladies PFD and love it!!! It may seem a little bulky at first, but it’s the best fit I’ve found and comfortable.

Kokatat MSFit Tour

Besides the PFD…
…a little trick I sometimes use is to fasten the bottom of my PFD arround a belt or belt loops. Keeps it from riding up as much when paddling or the occasional swim. IMHO Lotus PFD’s (I like the Rio Grande) are very comfortable and adjustable for various sizes of individuals. WW


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I'm 6' with long limbs and a short torso. The MsFit Tour is a perfect fit. It also has exceptional pocket capacity and ventilation.

Another Vote For The Astral

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from a short torso and all around short body paddler.

My Astral 200 only has one chest pocket. That's all I need since I don't carry much more than a snack in the pocket. I think the touring version has 2 pockets to stuff in more "stuff."


Go Astral
Replaced all my program womens pfds with Astrals.

Great Fit & Adjustability.

See you on the water,


Been using a Kokatat for years but much prefer the fit of the Stohlquist PFDs. More clearence around the arm pits and they seem to adjust for a better, non rise fit. I also have a short torso, freaks my shorter friends out when I paddle up to them in my yak and they look taller in the saddle, I’m all legs.