PFD for teen?

My kid’s been using a generic rec pfd, but after a month of canoe camp last summer she wants to upgrade. I failed to find anything her size at the local tiny paddle store, Dick’s, or bass pro. Everything adult sized is too long in the torso and didn’t tighten enough to effectively stay on her in the water.

She’s 5’3", probably not going to get taller but not done bulking out, about 120lbs of solid athlete. We canoe, so it doesn’t need to fit in a kayak. She would like pockets, and mesh or good ventilation.


If an adult XS/S is too big, have you considered finding a youth pfd? There are fishing pfds online that have a bunch of pockets. Make sure you’re accurate as far as her measurements and order accordingly.

She’s too heavy for the youth PFDs I’ve seen. Yeah, that’d be a lot easier!

My wife is a very similar size and uses a women’s small stohlquist. Fits great.

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Many kayaking PFDs have shorter torso lengths so that would help in her case.


It’s the previous version of this

Koikatat MSFit may do it. I am only half an inch taller than her. Size small.

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My teen uses and finds the Astral Layla very comfortable both in a kayak and canoe. Spendy but worth it.

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