PFD for Touring-Rolling-Safety-Fishing?

Maybe I’m asking too much, but does such a do-it-all pfd exist? I thought I found it in an Astral Sea Wolf (great big pocket space for a lure box, “fairly” low profile, tow belt compatible), but upon its arrival, I found it will interfere with my SOF’s coaming on layback rolls. Alot of my paddling “is” simply rolling, so this isn’t the versatile pfd I was hoping for. Perhaps I need two. This one, and something along the lines of an NRS Ninja, Kokatat Orbit, or an inflatable deal to wear with my tuilik when rolling?

Right now, I use 2 different PFDs. I have a bigger one for touring and a Hiko Sport Ragtime that I use when rolling. When I wear my tuilik for rolling practice I often don’t go more than a few meters from shore, so I don’t use the PFD at all. If I decide to paddle around a bit, I put the Ragtime on under my tuilik.

I’ve heard the Kokatat SeaO2 is pretty nice as a more universal PFD, but it’s hard to find around here.