PFD for woman

Kayak is Loon 111 with high seat. Does anyone have any suggestions on PFD.


you’re in luck
There was a recent long thread on this subject, which inspired me to go out and get a new PFD. You can do a search for that thread.

What I learned when looking around was that there are basically 2 types of PFDs that work for larger women. One is a type V that must be worn at all times because it takes longer to put them on and adjust the straps correctly. The other kind can be anywhere on the kayak because they can be donned quickly after a capsize. These are the more familiar full size PFDs with some foam cut out in the necessary places.

The 2 I liked best were the Kokatat Orbit (type V) and the Stohlquist M’Ocean for touring, and I bought both since I have 2 kayaks and a niece on the way. But I think you need to try different models on. I tried on the full size Kokatat and it didn’t work for me at all, but I know others who love it.

Happy shopping (paddle shows make it easier)…Lyn

try SOSpenders
My less than petite wife found the SOSpenders to be far more comfy than a foam vest. I wanted her to have something she would actually wear.

It is different in that you have to activate the co2 inflation, but well worth a look.

Astral Buoyancy
Try a front zip model before you buy another brand. I’ve been looking for years and this is the one that fits me. My Wondervest is on its way to me as I write. I put it on and said “I can breath!”

Stohlquist, Betsea
The Stohlquist “Betsea” is specially made for women. There are one or two other models by the same brand. I love it! They give you a little more room “up front” where we need it, and the bouyancy is incredible! My arms are free for rolling practice and I can float in the water with both arms over my head and the water only up to the top of my vest.

I agree
the Betsea’s incredibly comfortable. The model I got, M’Ocean (sp?) has an extra pocket up front and the clip for a strobe in back instead of in front. Either way, the comfort difference is incredible.


Betsea vss. mOCEAN
I wish a mOCEAN had been available at my outfitters when I bought my betSEA. I love the fit, but find the one pocket inadequate. It might have been OK if it had bellows, but I find the zippered top of the pocket to be very constricting and it’s hard to get anything in or out. I’m going to opt for a mOCEAN next time around. Anyone want a Betsea, hardly used?


I Am Woman…
naw… But I do think the Astral Bouyancy PFDs seem to have a lot of potential for a really good fit and comfort given the rodeo style and the patented strap system.

I’ve been eyeing Astral since it came. I just need to “lose” a couple of PFDs before I can justify getting one.


Thanks for all your suggestions. Time to go shopping!

Please get back to us after it arrives,
and let us know how you like it! I am pretty happy with my Lotus Lola and Mildwater, but when the time comes, I will want more conveinent PFD storage for safety items, and even better ventilation and freedom of movement for fitness paddling, and perhaps rowing. I prefer a front zip model as well.

I need to lose a couple of pfd’s too
Sing - I know what you mean. I started with a Lotus Sherman, and discovered I didn’t like the side zip - couldn’t see under my boob to get the zipper started! Went to the Stohlquist betSEA, but now I want lots of pockets for the necessary safety equipment and my new VHF radio! Does the madness ever stop?


Betsea vs mOcean
Can you tell me if the mOcean has mesh sides like the Betsea? I can’t tell from the info on the website. Thanks - J Urban